Phoenix and Scottsdale are the fastest growing cities in Arizona. The average household is 2.87people, and it continues to grow. Many people visit the area for the great temperatures and the many award-winning golf courses in the area. There are also many golf communities that are located right on golf course properties. Many youngsters start off playing mini golf and then start playing 18-hole golf as they get older. With the pandemic upon us, parents are looking for fun events that they can enjoy at home. It also spurs creativity and can be altered to keep families challenged while they’re learning to play the game of golf, by starting by playing mini golf.

People travel from all over the world to enjoy the numerous golf courses in town and the beautiful Arizona temperature makes nearly every day a good day for golf. Over 16 million travel to Phoenix each year, many of them are so enthralled by the area, they decide to make it their home.

As our lives continue to change, we are all challenged to stay active and healthy, while keeping a distance from each other and take the necessary safety precautions to stay well.

Create Your Own Mini Golf Course in Your Phoenix Home

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all learning a new normal. Parents are home from work in many cases, and schools are closed. Parents are learning how to juggle working from home and teaching their kids, so they do not fall behind. This is also stressful for kids that miss going to school, seeing their friends and taking part in their usual activities. If you are wondering, “what is family stress,” it’s the stress that both parents and children feel as their lives change and the future as we know it now can seem uncertain.

One way to learn how to deal with family stress is to be open about it, share feelings and let your kids know that they are protected and the precautions currently being implemented are being done to keep them safe. It is also important to let them know that during this uncertain time that.

Golf has always been a popular sport for adults, but there are some golf activities you can do at home that are fun for the whole family and is a great way to get children engaged in the sport. It also helps kids because it introduces them to competition & golf and teaches them a new fun skill that may lead them to become interested in playing golf as they mature. Plus, playing a game of mini golf is fun as each member of the family can plan holes around their home and yard, which spurs creativity.

How to Build a Homemade Mini Golf Course

Parents should consider building their own mini golf course at home. Here is a step by step tutorial to help parents and children make a homemade mini golf course at home.

Here are some ideas:

  • First of all, if your children have not played mini golf before, show them some pictures on the internet to get them excited about building their own.
  • Decide where you are going to build your homemade mini golf. For younger children, you should keep it simple, for older kids, let them express their ideas and expand it as far as you would like to go, both inside and out.
  • Design your course by drawing out the rooms and the route the course will take throughout the house. Under tables, around furniture and other unique trails throughout the home.
  • Determine if your course will have a theme. You can choose common topics like a zoo theme by using stuffed animals, do not forget to use DIY mini golf obstacles to increase the challenge and difficultly levels.
  • Use household items for mini golf hole ideas. Use plastic cups as the hole by setting them on their side. You can also use oatmeal boxes, cereal boxes, and other items to create tunnels and ramps.
  • For added interest, you can create holes outside of the house as well. If you have a yard, you can expand the DIY mini golf obstacles outside. You can use a variety of objects such as train tracks, trucks, and other toys to adorn your driveway or backyard and create more challenges.
  • Get golf clubs, either real putters for more mature kids or plastic “sticks” for youngsters.
  • With the homemade mini golf, you can change up the holes at any time to make them more challenging. You can create new paths and obstacles such as a wall of plastic cups that may tumble if you do not get them through the opening.
  • Find some way to make the 18th hole unique, perhaps a hidden hold around a corner or a piece of wood to “bank” the ball into the plank and get it into the cup.
  • Create fun scorecards and keep score to see how everyone is progressing in their game.
  • Keep track of the winners and find a fun, inexpensive prize for the winner.

Post Lockdown Mini Golf Courses in Phoenix:

Getting the family involved in mini-golf during the pandemic can be the precursor to enjoying the many mini-golf courses in the Scottsdale area once the lockdown is over.

There are many activities close to home that are appropriate for the entire family.

Top Golf:

9500 E. Talking Stick Way

  • Troon North Golf Club to Top Golf is just a 15-minute drive
  • They offer a wide array of dining places
  • Entertainment, golf, and game rooms
  • They also offer parties and event spaces

Glow Putt Mini Golf:

9160 E Shea Blvd #110 (In the Courtyard Shops)

  • Glow Putt Mini Golf is just 16 minutes to Desert Highland Golf Club
  • At this course, you will play inside in the air-conditioned venue in the dark
  • They also have a room that can be reserved for parties

Cracker Jax Family Fun & Sports Park:

16001 N. Scottsdale Road

  • Cracker Jax is just 26 minutes from Desert Mountain Golf Club
  • Cracker Jax offers a wide range of games, batting cage, laser-tag, go-karts, outdoor rides, and mini golf. They also offer golf instructions for those of all ages.
  • They were built to accommodate parties of all sorts

Casey’s Sports World:

3947 E. Union Hills Road

  • 19 minutes from Ancala Golf Course to Casey’s Sports World
  • The wide range of activities includes batting cates, mini golf, turf areas for soccer, lacrosse, laser tag, kickball, flag football, and dodgeball as well as Mudville baseball and softball training facility
  • There are concessions available with pizza, snacks, beer, and wine

During these challenging times, we need to do our best to get through them together. Using this time to plan new and different activities is a great way to enjoy your time as a family and perhaps even create ongoing family events for all to enjoy.

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